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Dovie was created to be a light and agile web development agency to build custom databases

Dovie Digital Media Agency was created to be an agile web development agency with a focus on making the lives of our clients easier. Web technology has quickly outpaced the ability for Marketing Directors to keep up. So we created a company with a diverse set of backgrounds that take the worry out of finding your next digital solution. From eCommerce to email, custom databases, to custom software solutions, the Dovie team is here to help. Behind all of our expertise lays our custom built Dovie Player, a powerful, highly customizable, multi-purpose video CMS that can be the driving force behind your marketing strategy. With the ability to track success across multiple platforms, we know that the Dovie will make your life simple and allow you to successfully track ROI on your marketing activities.

Web Design and Development

Dovie specializes in beautifully crafted WordPress sites, custom sites, and custom web apps to fill whatever need your business or project demands. Our highly skilled team of designers and developers is here to serve your needs, and our passion for our craft will shine through your project.

Photography and Video Production

Dovie doesn’t just do web development. Our Los Angeles-based film production team can do anything you need to generate content for your personal video channel. That includes script creation, professional on-location video shoots, editing, and even post-production graphics. Just like having your own personal TV station!

The Dovie CMS

The Dovie Platform is a proprietary, highly customizable video solution that’s perfect for anyone who wants a secure video delivery service and needs to maintain full ownership of their content. This customizable platform allows users to manage content across multiple marketing accounts, track analytics, and be a hub for your marketing assets.

Search Engine Optimization

Your beautiful Dovie-crafted web presence is only part of the battle. Make sure your site and your business get noticed! Dovie’s team knows how to optimize your site so that you’ll get the maximum number of hits possible from all the most popular search engines, and we can work on your SEO no matter what your budget.

HTML E-Mail Campaigns

Communicate with the people who use your products or services in a way that shows your business’s personal style. Don’t bother with BCCs and plaintext when Dovie can craft gorgeous HTML e-mails to catch your customers’ eye, and custom emailers to help you reach your whole audience with just the click of a button!

The Dovie CMS

Our team has a background in Marketing/Advertising so we understand the daily in/outs of trying to manage multiple marketing campaigns across multiple platforms while trying to track success. We understand companies technological limitations and can “meet you where you’re at” when it comes to creating strategies that work for you. Whether it be brainstorming ideas, or figuring out how to integrate campaigns, we can help provide strong marketing solutions using technology to make your life easier.

The Dovie.TV team


Dovie's high standard for design, full-service nature, and unparalleled customer support would be impossible without our team of skilled professionals. Take a look and learn about the folks who make our company tick!


Dayvin Turchiano (CEO) has been an entrepreneur since 2008, having originally started a local online television station that led to building the software that Dovie now utilizes for video delivery. He has been growing Dovie for five years into it’s current form. His theatrical background has made meeting and honestly connecting with people very easy for him. He served on the executive committee for a non-profit foundation for four years, and helped it grow from it’s infancy phase to a fully functioning organization that focuses on helping children, as well as protecting and cleaning up water sources in this country and abroad. He also coaches high school lacrosse as a way of giving back to the youth of Los Angeles.


With over fifteen years of experience in the web development industry, Michael Millard (CTO) employs a wide range of skills to build custom applications from the ground up and to extend the functionality of existing platforms such as WordPress and Magento. Fluent in PHP and Javascript, his exposure to hundreds of sites and applications built in dozens of different frameworks has prepared him to take on any challenge thrown his way. When his head isn’t buried in his laptop, Michael enjoys hiking, photography and rooting for the Portland Trail Blazers.


Tim Keller (Lead Developer) has been drawn to web development since his teenage years, having taught himself how to write HTML and Flash’s ActionScript in high school. At the University of Washington, he studied Music and Computer Science and after graduating went on to pursue both passions, developing sites using WordPress and continuing to expand his skill set by programming in Java, Python, PHP, and Supercollider (a programming language for audio synthesis). Having made his living as a freelancer since 2012, Tim brings a large and diverse skill set to Dovie and specializes in HTML emails and responsive design. He currently lives in Los Angeles and enjoys singing and playing keyboards in several local bands in his free time.


Qumaru Nisa (Head of Video Production) is a filmmaker, photographer, actress and activist, known for I Am You (2014), Shameless (2013), and Death and Taxis (2007). Qumaru’s life journey began in High Wycombe, Buckinghamshire, U.K. and has landed her in Los Angeles where she has made her home for the last 20 years. She has also been living a raw/vegan lifestyle for the last 9 years. Qumaru’s latest produced feature documentary IAMYOU is narrated by Forest Whitaker and features Jimmy Carter and Monika Gandhi among others.


Earnest in all his endeavors, Ken Pierce brings to the team a sense of resolve and integrity. With his background of service in the US Army, he is trained in leadership, diligence, and a mission first attitude. As Senior Account Manager here at Dovie, Ken uses his motivating personality, industry expertise in advertising, sales and marketing, account management and strategic thinking, in order to ensure clients are meeting or exceeding their ROI expectations. Outside of the office, Ken enjoys playing guitar and the occasional indulgence of Disney Dole-Whip with his family.



The Dovie team is proud of the work we do for our clients. Here are some samples for you to peruse.




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