A legacy of innovation.

Dovie has extensive experience with complex web applications and databases, both as system architects and as lead developers. Projects in Dovie’s portfolio include custom-built applications, as well as engagements to improve and extend existing software applications. Dovie’s lead developers have years of experience architecting and building CRM applications, E-commerce systems, and public-facing marketing websites. In addition, the team’s core process includes building and documenting accessible APIs for connecting third-party applications either immediately or in the future.

Projects often include requirements to retrieve and store information in remote datasources via third-party APIs. Dovie’s role as system architect includes extensive conversations with clients to uncover the needs of the organization, translating those needs into technical requirements and accomplishing goals within the project timeline and budget. The company works closely with clients throughout the design and build processes, gathering vital feedback from clients to ensure that the finished product not only meets the stated goals, but is easy to use and understand. Dovie utilizes a rapid prototyping process allowing clients to begin using and testing elements of the system early in the build timeline. This process helps to uncover needs not found in the discovery phase, allowing Dovie to better adapt the system to the client.

The project management team has successfully launched dozens of application builds of all types, emphasizing efficiency and an agile development process to ensure delivery on time and on budget. Team members have previously managed projects for companies such as Nautilus, The Fruit Company, Intel, Nike, and Tesla.